Thursday, June 15, 2017

Second Chances

Bonjour et Bienvenue `a My Little Paris

Opening the boutique, has, over the past few months, broadened my say the least. In creative ways, it's been nothing short of delightful...........and I'm so pleased at the opportunities that have presented themselves through setting up and developing the business. 

I've enjoyed being in such a beautiful space and merchandising the store, making sure each item is in the right place, working with colour and styles.........choosing the music and the lovely scents of the's a work in progress, constantly changing, and it's something I love to do. 

I have renewed my interest in dried flowers..........more specifically, dried roses. When I was a little girl, we visited my great Aunt in Vancouver, she lived in a grand three storey home that was built at the turn of the was brimming with antiques..........and on the hall table was a heavy crystal vase filled with beautiful, soft faded roses. It was that very vase that inspired me as an adult to dry bouquets of my own. Life gets busy though, and through the years, I'd kind of put them out of my mind..........forgotten the joy that I found in those powdery soft  blooms. Now I'm delighted to say that I am once again, letting that be part of me. I don't think it hurts any of us to check back in with the things that once "allow" ourselves to reflect on what once had meaning. 

I've also been having fun again with fabrics. I've never been a seamstress, but there's a very talented woman in town that seems to be able to bring all my ideas to life.  I can choose a length of fabric.........and stand, letting it trickle over and over again from my fingers.........feeling the drape, the way it falls, the weight.........and my imagination runs wild with ideas for it..........

What has come as a complete surprise, is the joy I've found in painted furniture. Meet Miranda...........this lovely cabinet is my first painting project, and I was so delighted with the result, that I named it. 
Here's what she looked like before the makeover. 

It's beautiful, to take these poor old, sad pieces and give them new make them so pretty. I love doing the work and more, I love styling the pieces, designing their new lives. This cabinet had glass shelves, which I thought were too new looking, and it had two doors on the bottom, which I removed to have more open display space. It's such happy work for me, and I would never, in my wildest dreams have thought that it would be something I'd like. 

This pretty buffet was once a tired old French Provincial dresser, now it has new life, just waiting to take a place of prominence in some lucky person's home. Can't you just see it in your dining room, or perhaps on a covered deck.........or in the sun room? 

And think of this little beauty in your daughter's bedroom, or in your room? It's the palest of soft pale pinks, with tiny, delicate crystal knobs, and it comes complete with this smart little vanity bench and a lovely oval mirror, all painted to match. I used to have one very much like this when I was a teen, I spent hours in the evenings sitting at it, practicing my makeup techniques, painting my nails, listening to music............I have a soft spot for this one...........I think I'll call it.........Mandy..........

There's something joyful about reviving these dear old pieces, a life lesson the power of a fresh coat of paint........of being willing to change......of reinvention..........and second chances..........

As Always.......
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