Thursday, June 8, 2017

Keeping a Journal

Bonjour et Bienvenue `a My Little Paris

Do you keep a journal.........or, journals? I do, and for me it's in the plural form. I have several. The one pictured here is my "farm journal".......I started it right after we bought our acreage two years ago. It was a life changing experience for us. I wanted to keep track of when we did things on the property and, someday I'm hoping to write about how it feels to live there. I wanted a book that would last the ages and that was special, so I chose this one from Paperblanks. It's lovely with gilded pages and little latches to keep it closed. 

Awhile ago, I read a magazine about art journaling, and just as I love to include pictures with this blog, I discovered that journaling with pictures is much more fun. I bought a large coil scrapbook and just began........making notes of my dreams and thoughts, not really writing about particular days or events, but just noting down "plans"........and "what if's" that came to mind. It's nice to think about hopes and dreams that I had when I was younger, to revisit them.........on see, the possibilities.......and maybe, just maybe.......follow through with some of them. 

I keep a little book on my nightstand..........and sometimes, at night, when I can't sleep, I'll sit up and put the myriad of thoughts that are in my head down in the book. It helps to get them out of my head and onto paper........clears my mind, and then often, I can go back to sleep. 

I have two leather bound ones as is for my family tree. I wanted a spot where I could not only put down the dates and names, but where I could write the information that I knew about my ancestors, tell a story or two.  I thought that maybe, fifty years from now it would be really nice for my great grandchildren to pull out this leather bound book with its handmade paper and read about where they came from. 

And this little gem, stays in my purse. If you love the scent and feel of soft, worn leather, then these are for you. I like to have this one to jot down phone numbers, or to make note of a new book that I want to get, or to keep track of websites to visit, or just anything else that I need to have close at hand. I know, you're thinking that I could do that on my iPhone, but you must know by now that I love my pages, and that technology is not my "go to" lol. 

My journals are important to me.......and over the years, I have learned that the art of journaling isn't just about "keeping a diary", it's about any kind of writing. You could choose a journal to write to your grandchildren or to your own kids, as they grow, or to write to any loved one. You could have one specifically for hopes and dreams and wishes.........or you could use one for your bucket list and write about the experiences as they come to you.  Many people use a journal to keep track of the weather, when the ice is off the lake and what day they planted the garden that year. You could keep a journal of your entertaining.........who you invited, what you served, that kind of thing.  There are no limitations, no rules. You can include pictures, drawings, magazine clippings, ticket stubs or anything else........and the format of your journaling and the books that you choose.........well that's totally up to you. 

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