Thursday, June 1, 2017

In Light of the Season

 Bonjour et Bienvenue `a My Little Paris

It's gotten quite warm out and that's got me thinking of lightening things up for the summer
season. Our Saskatchewan winters are so bright........with clear blue skies and sparkling white snow...........the light reflects and is uninhibited by the foliage on the trees......but once summer comes along, it's so warm, and the light is sultry and muted, the trees fill out and our house seems dim and dappled.  We have a vaulted cedar ceiling and dark wood floors, and I love the warmth that the wood brings on the coldest winter days. The fireplace glows, and there's thick rugs on the's cozy and full of comfort and welcome.............

Come summer though, it's time to lighten up!

I love using new and vintage linens in my home to brighten my living space. The  fabric softens the edges and draping some of my darker furniture gives it a lightness for the summer season. I roll up the rugs, and the space takes on a completely different look.

Here, I've put a creamy white cotton tablecloth on the dining room table, then I put a simple white bowl and candle in the centre. The cloth isn't "formal" but is instead, a soft muslin with white on white embroidery. It's a perfect summer compliment. 


I have a round, antique dining table that's cut down to coffee table height in the living room, and I've draped it with a white lace cloth, letting it puddle on the dark floor.........and then simply placed some of my favorite books where I can see them.                                             

Another way to bring light and freshness into your home is with colour and beautiful china. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a summer evening with friends sitting at this table? I do a lot of entertaining on the deck during the summer months and my "go to" is always my vintage china. I have dozens and dozens of plates of varying sizes and patterns and they are so much better than eating from paper plates. I toss them in the dishwasher at the end of the evening, and, if one should get chipped or's not the end of the world. I mix patterns and everyone loves it. Many of my dishes are from family members, so when we're together the reminiscing always starts....... over Great Aunt Marge's best dishes, or Grandma;s gravy boat. It really makes for some great conversation!

At My Little Paris you will find lovely vintage linens, as well as new styles from April Cornell. The table setting above is on display in the boutique, so the china, flatware and tablecloth you see here are available and just waiting to go home with you for your next "dinner on the deck". 

As Always..........
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