Monday, June 19, 2017


Bonjour et Beinvenue `a My Little Paris

Ok..........this is a complete about face after my blog last week on sprawling farmhouses......but it's an idea that apparently bears thinking about. 

As you know, I have been searching out vintage treasures for the boutique for some time now and I've been able to get a lot of nice things from an old friend of mine. She and her husband have decided to down size (a concept that I am unfamiliar with)........and I am the beneficiary of this windfall of lovely things that they no longer want to make room for. I have questioned her sanity, and been told that they are tired of working in a big yard all summer, tired of working to pay for a house that they hardly use, and that they want to do other travel. Their plans are to sell their home and move into a condo or a small house with an even smaller yard. The whole thing left me scratching my head.......and wondering what the heck is going on??

Then the other day, into the boutique comes a more recent acquaintance......we get talking, and she tells me that they have sold their home and have converted part of their business into living space. Once again I am dumbstuck........and when I recover, I, of course, ask "why"? And she tells me that they were tired of working to keep a house that they hardly used, and, that they want to travel more...... I'm noticing a common thread here.

Now, I know that this whole "tiny house" thing is a phenomenon that is sweeping the nation, but I really thought it was for kids, just starting out, trying to get into the housing market in something affordable. Not that they aren't cute..........but come on!!

I've told you before that we're building the cottage/cabin/garage up at the farm, it's about 1000 sq feet so not tiny by any means, but certainly not as big as the home that I've grown accustomed to. The home, that, like my friends, I hardly use. It's usually my husband and I sitting in the corner of the very large living room, eating at the breakfast bar and sitting on two deck chairs on our rather large deck. It begs the  we really need 1800 square feet (on one level)? 

So...........last night we came to the decision that we are going to put our house back on the market at a substantially reduced price, and give living in 1000 square feet a whirl. The whole "cottage at the farm" thing was supposed to be a temporary arrangement, but it will give us a good chance to find out how we like living in a smaller space. When I think about it, it's not such a bad idea.......and maybe there is more to life than cleaning and decorating a big house. I'm actually looking forward to what I can do with the little cottage. 

Who knows.........maybe my friends aren't crazy after all lol

As Always.............
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