Monday, June 5, 2017


 Bonjour et Bienvenue `a My Little Paris

I'm sending you pictures of the boutique this's been a bit of a "trying" time in regards to technology, my phone refuses to allow me to take any more photos (it says it's full) and my attempts to move the ones I have to the lap top seem to be going against the powers that be. 

In many respects, blogging has opened a magical
door for me.....because I can write.........but in other ways, I feel tight and stymied by it. I've been researching what I can, and cannot do in my blog, and quite frankly I am a bit disheartened. Inspiration always comes from somewhere.  We like to think that we're all original beings, but we are all influenced by we meet along the way........things we see on the TV, and apparently, even if I give full credit to these sources, I cannot share them with you. 

I have taken my love of the French lifestyle and developed an interest in Paris in the 1920's........the "Jazz Age" and I'd love to share some of the aspects of this time with you. It was a right brain's paradise....where artists and musicians were free to express a time and place where their influence was more accepted than ever before. Paris was full of expats after the close of the first world war, the country as a whole, had been depressed and flattened by the war, and everyone was ready for a bit of decadence and light. Jazz clubs and cafes were everywhere and frequented by the likes of Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Cole Porter. The flapper was the "new woman", the fashion was glorious, for both men and women...........the decor in the clubs was outstanding.........and the energy was electrifying..............

I long to share pictures of this time with you...........but, alas, unless I can find a way to transport myself back in time to that glorious age, and take pictures on my own camera, will have to make do with your imagination. For me to include pictures of this time on my blog, from my sources of inspiration,  would be to break copyright laws right across the board. 

Coping...................and as always..........

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