Thursday, May 25, 2017

What Might Have Been

Bonjour et Bienvenue `a My Little Paris

There was a time when I considered writing as a career. My mother........who I can only assume, was worried about my well being, promptly assured me that I would starve to death.....putting the kibosh on "what might have been." At any rate.........I didn't write.......didn't starve to death.......but it's always been in the back of my mind. Writing this blog has allowed me to stretch just a little in that direction and I have been encouraged recently, by some of my "loyal followers" to consider writing more. 

I've dabbled, and discovered that I'm at my best when I'm writing from my heart, which, I'm sure, is the case with everyone that "writes." I am a little hesitant however, to let the world know everything that's in my heart, but it does feel good to put into words, those things that I am passionate about. I've shared the journey to My Little Paris with you........step by step as the boutique slowly came together, and now that it has I think I'll turn my writing attempts to all things for which I am passionate. 

Always remember that I am a right brained thinker. That means that life filters to me through a lens of feelings. Life, for me, is all about how the very diverse sights and sounds, the quiet nuances, the tastes and scents and the people make me feel. 

With that in mind...........I have added a few touches to the boutique. I've talked before about vintage clothing, about the pieces in my own collection that inspire me...... about my love of the stories that they tell, the places that they've been. I needed to feel that at the boutique, to have that sense of the past, that bit of elegance of something beyond just "a store". To that end, I moved a few pieces of mine from home to the boutique and added a couple of lovely items that I recently purchased from a little vintage shop. These things aren't for sale..........but they add a warmth and sense of comfort to the boutique that I love. 

I was approached by a woman at the opening last weekend who, like so many, was wondering what to do with Grandma's wedding dress.........and would I be interested in it. I think, to say that I am merely "interested,"  would be doing it a disservice. For me, each vintage piece that I have, is a storybook in be the one to crack those old know that's a privilege and an honour..........

As Always............

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