Monday, May 8, 2017

The Law of Attraction

Bonjour et Bienvenue `a My Little Paris

Don't ever discount the power of your sub conscious mind.  That little train of thought, that runs way below the surface, that kind of flies under the radar, has more effect on what ultimately happens than we ever really comprehend. Think of those times when something happens that you were "just thinking about"............ when something fortuitously just falls into your lap......or when life has handed you lemons and just when you've given up entirely, someone shows up to squeeze them for lemonade. 

Friday was an unsettling day for me. Nothing went wrong, it was all good.......but I had this feeling of being bogged down.........I think I was seeing all of the things still to be done before the opening on the 19th.......and knowing that I was the only one that could do them. I picked up the mail on my way in that day, and eventually got around to opening it. There was a card from my cousin and best friend, Sandi. We don't see each other very often anymore, we're at different places in our lives (me being soooooooo much older than she is) .......her kids are still at home, and mine, are long gone........I have the demands of business......she, of family. But........when I opened that card, it was like we'd been chatting everyday, filling each other in on the busy nuances of our lives. She said that she was inspired by me........going after my dreams........but more importantly, she said that when it got to feeling overwhelming, that I should keep doing what I love. It was like, that day, she had read my mind. It was exactly what I needed.........exactly when I needed it. Thanks Sandi........

At the suggestion of another good friend ,  I stepped away from the boutique for the weekend...........I thought it would give me some time to recharge a bit and I tried to do things not directly related to the store. I couldn't help though, taking in a few garage sales. This time of year you can turn onto almost any street anywhere and find at least one sale going on. I was in White City on Saturday, and almost everyone there was having a sale. We had been at it already for a couple of hours and I'd found a few small things.......actually I think we were trying to find somewhere to have lunch, and I noticed a church pew sitting on someone's driveway. Now, for most people, that might not be much of an event, but I have been hoping to find a church pew to sit at the entrance to the boutique almost since my renovations began. It's not something that most people have, and certainly, if they do, it's not something they're trying to get rid of. But there it was. Like I'd been thinking about it and thinking about it..........and it found me. 

I think it's a good omen..........we should all keep thinking about the things we want, believing......... and doing what we love. 

As Always.........
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