Monday, May 29, 2017

Accepting the Lifestyle

               Bonjour et Bienvenue `a My Little Paris

"French Women Don't Get Fat".........what a lovely and somewhat bizarre concept!!! This book, by Mareille Guiliano, was the  first book that I read on the lifestyle of  French women. I liked it. Not because I believed for one minute that French women eat croissants and brie and only fruit in season, and sip crisp chardonnays  from some of the finest vineyards in France........all while maintaining a perfect weight and, their joie de vivre..........but because I loved the lifestyle that was being laid out before me.......and I love my books!

I think we all spend some time thinking about how we should be living our lives......what should be important, how we should nurture ourselves and our families, raise our we can have the best possible life for ourselves and those that matter to us. 

When I read books on a contented, balanced French life.........I think I want it for my own. And why not? Whether it portrays a true picture of the actual French life of not.........does that matter? I don't want to challenge whether or not it truly happens, but choose instead to believe in it and accept it as my own. 

What I see in this lifestyle is this. They don't multi task, but instead, do one thing at a time, and they do it well. Rest and physical movement occur naturally in their days. They eat often, and well, but not, in the copious amounts that we do here and they take the time to enjoy their food.....often with friends and family. Tradition and history are important and aging is accepted, not fought with every breath. The elderly are revered, not belittled. Children are raised.........not just expected to grow up and homes have a comfortable, pleasing aesthetic. 

The essence of a French home is entirely about the Joie de Vivre. Spaces are filled with warm, comfortable pieces that evoke.......welcome, not just to guests that are fortunate enough to visit, but French homes "welcome" the families that live there each and every day.......they  speak to the value of the life of the people living within their walls. Styles vary, but always is a sense of extension of those loving and living there, an essence of home. Trends come and go but this way of life enraptures and lasts, transcending time, and truly becomes just a way of life. 

Consider perhaps, your own Joie de Vivre?

As Always.........
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