Monday, May 1, 2017

A Sneak Peak

Bonjour et Bienvenue `a My Little Paris

It's May 1st today, and My Little Paris will open it's doors on the 19th. The reality of all of this is beginning to sink in. 

There is a flurry of things to do, details to think of and remember, and projects to complete, not the least of which, is pictured above. I am really enjoying reviving these tired, worn, vintage pieces. Choosing the colours and "making the difference" to these dear old friends has become an unexpected delight.........certainly not something I ever thought I would like.........but, I do!!  The cabinet above,  has taken on a new life in it's pretty linen white and soft blue and I'm looking forward to presenting it and many others to you in the boutique. 

This spacious dresser has been brought to life in soft mint, with delicate glass knobs and beautiful detailing. It would look beautiful in the bedroom or as a side board in the dining room. 

The long awaited Tokyo Milk order arrived at the end of last week, and it's just lovely. The packaging is stunning and the scents are so beautifully diverse, with perfumes, cremes and candles, I'm certain you'll find one that's just exactly right for you. Perhaps you'll have a signature scent.

And............I just received word this morning, that the order from Mona B, is at long last, making it's way toward My Little Paris and should arrive before the end of this week.  These purses, made of upcycled military canvas will most certainly turn heads........the colours are soft and weathered with a very vintage feel, and they will be a lovely addition to the boutique. 

So much to do........and so much more to come...........

As always.................
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