Thursday, April 6, 2017

Of Satin and Lace

Bonjour et Bienvenue `a My Little Paris

I've had reason, these past few days, to be thinking a lot about fabric. I know.......this isn't something that you find yourself thinking about, but it's become a bit of an issue for me. I want to bring you beautiful fabric finds...... pillows and tablecloths..........aprons, all in that lovely faded, soft, delicate floral print that was so popular decades ago. It's the kind of fabric that melts into the shabby chic look, that gives me that "at the old cottage" feeling that I want to share with you. 

I got thinking of the vintage fabrics that I do have............ and that,  got me thinking about these lovely pieces. These hang in my bedroom, always. They soften the room, soften the light......they draw me into another time, another place. 

I  have several vintage pieces that are part of my decor. The dress you see on the left was worn by a girl at her grade 12 graduation......the year was 1937; and the one on the right.......a negligee worn by a bride on her wedding night.........the year....1939. That bride, married a dashing airman, who was killed not long after, flying over France  during World War II. The newlyweds wrote back and forth, her letters,  full of what was happening at home, and his......less than, with little detail.....only saying that he was well and talking about his chums and how much he missed her. He wrote that he was about to leave on a mission.......and, that was the last letter. She saved all the letters....saved the negligee.......I wonder what we'd save today? Women don't have trousseau's anymore., they don't have "going away" outfits and they certainly don't write letters. In fact, when it comes to weddings, invitations often arrive via email and thank you notes are becoming a thing of the past. 

Not long ago I was fortunate to receive a gift from an old was wedding gown and veil, worn in 1947. It hangs over the french door going into what I call "my little nest".........I look at it and wonder "what stories are in there?" What do you have to tell? This woman married two years after the end of the war. What were things like for her? 

I hope, that I can bring to you, the warmth and sweet charm that comes from these soft pieces of the past. That you can settle into overstuffed cushions on a window seat with a good book,  or slip on a pretty apron and take time in your kitchen. 

As always..........
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