Monday, April 24, 2017

A Glimpse

Bonjour et Bienvenue `a My Little Paris

Alors!!!!!!! What a crazy couple of days. I have been painting furniture and receiving shipments and putting in new orders and making so many decisions about what you might like to see in the boutique. I have to mind can normally be going in dozens of directions at once, but even it has been tested the past few days. 

I'd like to say that things are coming together.......and in a sense, I guess they are, but right now I feel like I'm in a state of utter chaos. I've been using the store area to do some painting, and it's been fun but it sure doesn't look like my dream of "the boutique". I'm redoing a few things for you, there's a lovely little cabinet in raspberry,  a serving tray in teal..........and a vintage frame in the softest blue. I'm also working on a huge cabinet with glass, in that same lovely soft blue and linen white. 

When I'm not painting, I'm searching out vintage items or meeting with suppliers. This morning I've been going through reproductions of French art nouveau advertising posters by famous artists like Henri de many to choose from and they're just lovely, the colours are stunning. My dilemma, as always, is, which ones would you like to see in the boutique? 

This week,  I'm expecting a large order from Tokyo Milk, they have a beautiful selection of perfumes, lotions, bubble baths and candles, I think you'll love it...............and the purses from Mona B should be here this week as well. These are all made from up cycled military canvas............I know, I know..........but trust me, you're going to love the soft colours. 

For those purists out there, those of you that love the true antique, the natural wood look.........I've posted a picture of a piece that you can expect to eventually see in the store. This cabinet is a real show stopper, standing about 7 feet's really a statement piece and has been part of my own dining room for several years. It shows beautifully.'s the beginning of another week. I wonder what that will bring? I am loving this.......the whole process. I was painting at the store on Friday and and was surprised by a tap on the window, it was my good friend Aimee from Regina, down for the day with her mom. Aimee's the one who took me in hand back in January and said, "this is what you're going to do" lol. Always so good to see her and I was able to show off what's to come for the boutique.....................

As always
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