Thursday, March 9, 2017

My People

Bonjour et Bienvenue `a My Little Paris

Have you ever thought about something you wanted to do for so long, that it seemed that the "thinking" had itself, become the action of doing? That's how it was for me with my little shop. I'd been talking about it for years, about my love of Paris and all things French, about wanting to make it my own, do it my own way, about getting in touch with my inner French girl.......I'd get really excited and plan to move forward one day, and the next, I'd convince myself that it wouldn't be a success........and worse, that I wouldn't love doing it. I was waiting for certainty of success, and the fear of possibly not loving it every second of everyday was always the stopping point in my line of thought. 

 My good friend Aimee and I were spending a day together back in January.  We  love to talk about business (usually her's, because as a rule, I'm just spinning in circles about my own). I've known Aimee since she started her first business (she now has three), and I know that business is her passion. I also know that she wouldn't waste her time on me if she didn't think I was worth it, so when, out of the blue, she says, "ok, here's what you're going to do, you're going to start planning your business and get going, and, I'm going to be checking to see that you do"......I did!!!!

I got started.......and the first thing I did was to think about all the things I by one....those little touches to my everyday, that bring me joie de vivre, the very things that I would enjoy sharing with others.....and , just like that, I knew what my inventory would be. Finding all the things on that list has been a delight, how wrong it would have been, to keep talking myself out of doing this, and what joy it has brought me.

And when my addled brain had to look to face book, and instagram and websites........I turned to my very talented daughter-in-law. Melissa is the creative genius in the family and she has a successful business of her own. She became my IT exec and graphic artist, designing, printing, and overseeing my social media, and then, she undertook the monumental task of teaching me how to use it. How lost I would be without her, and what a delight, to be able to share my dream with her. 

We all need "our" people, and what a difference it makes to me, to have the skills and confidence of these talented women...Merci to you both!!

I urge you all to stop talking..........and start doing. Quit over-thinking everything, don't wait until everything is perfect......find your passion, then find your people.... ask for help, let others know what you're wanting to do.......but most of all, believe in yourself, believe in "your" way, find the things you love........and just "get going."

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